Friday, September 05, 2008

Thomas Friedman's Partisan View - Shows His Ignorance of Energy Issues

So much for being a journalist!! This a prime example of the liberal media bias!

Some comments from Thomas Friedman's Post:

I know during elections it is tempting to put aside the critical mind in order to fully agree or disagree with certain candidates, but as a much read journalist, you have the civic obligation to be as least biased as possible. "Fair and Balanced" as they say.

In the natural gas discoveries of the last 2 years have double the reserves of natural gas in the USA. Who do you think does that drilling? You local water well drilling company? When one in three wells pay at 10 million a well can a mom and pop business take that type of risk? Isn't "big oil, which is also, big natural gas", done a great job in tremendously expanding natural gas reserves. Natural gas prices have recently falled by 50%, why? Because we finally are drilling in many different places, in different types of geologic structures (shale) and low and behold ensuring energy independance for the USA with natural gas.

Wind is great, but we don't have lines that can transmit the energy from S. Dakota to NYC. If you want green, push windmills where we have the most wind right next to major metro areas, which is of course the beach. It is green, it is efficient, and when you look out of your million dollar beach house you can sacrafice your view for clean energy.

Off shore drilling is more about beach front real estate values than environmental issues.

The fact it, that green energy is not going to propel your car or truck down the highway in the next five years, the time it would take for new domestic oil to reach the gas pump. The most realistic hope for weaning our motor vehicles off of oil, according to some experts, is natural gas, another non-renewable source. Hybrids use some gasoline.

Our first domestic priority is energy security, which like it or not, involves more drilling and refining of our own energy. Green energy is an important addition to meet our domestic energy needs, and it has a place in Sen. McCain's platform. But the green energy mantra will not keep your car rolling in the near term.

If you -had- been listening to Mr. McCain, you'll have noticed that he has said, rightly, that the switch from oil to alternative energy is going to be long, difficult, and expensive. He has emphasized drilling, in part to separate him from Mr. Obama, but he has never once stated anything along the lines of ignoring global warming.

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