Friday, September 12, 2008

Team Obama Shoots Itself In The Foot - Backs of Palin

Give it up to Team McCain for backing team Obama to the corner.

It is yet another piece of evidence that Obama was not prepared for McCain's game changing move. All week Obama tried to attack Palin to no avail.

Looks like they have given up attacking her and moving on to attacking McCain.

Here are some comments from Mark Penn, Hillary Clinton's strategist.

Penn says if there's one thing the Obama campaign has been good at for 19 months it's scheduling major speeches on topical issues to focus attention on its agenda and it ought to do that on the....

...economy. And avoid lipstick fights with McCain-Palin, especially between the Democrat's top candidate and the GOP's No. 2 candidate, Palin.

"The fact that the Republican convention was as successful as it was was basically out of the hands of the Obama campaign," Penn admits.

"I think these polls will settle down close to even. And I think the real important thing (for Obama) is not to overreact, not to be caught in a back-and-forth with Palin, but to get your candidate rising above it."

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