Tuesday, September 16, 2008

MI, OH, IN, PA Will Go To McCain-Palin

Barring any major scandals McCain-Palin seems to be winning the Regan Democrats.

The registration drive to get more young voters will not make a dent in the sheer number of older working class democrats who will join with the independents to give McCain-Palin the edge they need.

The press is going to paint this as a racial decision. But I think it is going to be more about the lack of credibility with Obama. How can you bring change to a complex system like government when you haven't done anything to change it.

McCain-Palin has the right change message and the credible record to back it up.

From the Politico:

In the wake of Sarah Palin, John McCain has opened up a 15-point lead among independents, according to a new Gallup Poll — and Barack Obama has a real problem.

Since the GOP convention and his selection of the Alaska governor as his running mate, McCain has changed a months-long tie among independents into a 52 to 37 percent advantage. Support for McCain among self-described "conservative Democrats" has jumped 10 points, to 25 percent, signaling the shift among swing voters to McCain.

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