Sunday, September 14, 2008

Obama Feeling The Heat - Steps Up Attacks out of Desperation

You could have predicted the recent moves by Obama to attack McCain.

Watch team McCain execute the counter attacks by using Obama's ads against him.

From the NYTimes:

Senator Barack Obama portrayed Senator John McCain as out of step with America’s concerns as he opened an aggressive front on Friday in television advertisements and campaign appearances that were intended to pacify Democrats who are jittery over the direction of the presidential campaign.

A day after the two men suspended their divisive campaign to commemorate the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, Mr. Obama amplified his criticism of Mr. McCain through new television advertisements that portrayed his 72-year-old rival as an entrenched Washington politician who is out of touch.

At a town meeting, one man told Mr. Obama that he was concerned the Democratic ticket would suffer the same fate as the party’s last two candidates, Senator John Kerry and Vice President Al Gore, because of “attack ads and the smear campaign.”

Mr. Obama said he preferred the high road, adding, “I’m not going to start making up lies about John McCain.”

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