Monday, September 15, 2008

Elitist's Arguments Aganist Palin - Snobbery Has No Limits

Steven Hayward has a good piece in the Weekly Standard about the current elitists arguments against Palin.

Here is the current litany:
  • She doesn't have enough experience on the national scene
  • She does not have foreign policy experience
  • She hasn't been on the political Sunday morning shows
  • She hasn't attended conferences on policy
  • Etc, Etc, Etc
But this country was built on a belief that citizens should participate in government. Palin is one of the many (in a long line of citizen politicians) from the citizen class who have stepped up to serve in elected office.

From Hayward:

Adams's widely misunderstood argument that there should perhaps be an explicit recognition and provision for an aristocratic class finds its reprise in the snobbery that greeted Palin's arrival on the scene. It's not just that she didn't go to Harvard; she's never been on Meet the Press; she hasn't participated in Aspen Institute seminars or attended the World Economic Forum. She hasn't been brought into the slipstream of the establishment by which we unofficially certify our highest leaders.

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