Friday, September 05, 2008

Obama Tactic to tie McCain-Palin to Bush will fail

The desperation tactic will fail because most voters know now, with all the coverage of McCain-Palin that they are not a fan of Bush and are more like independents.

They are running out of tactics:

Obama confessed that the surge in Iraq has worked after lambasting the top army brass earlier this year. The Iraq war is enter a new stage where the US is contemplating withdrawal by 2011.

The economy is not tanking as professed. Yes the unemployment rate rose to the highest level since 2003 but it is a lagging indicator not what is to come. Manufacturing is improving as the lower dollar drives exports. Lower dollar in increasing tourism and asset purchases by foreigners, further pumping capital into the economy.

McCain-Palin has received a positive reception from the American electorate.

Team Obama is going to reach for straws and avenues of attack and that will eventually contribute to their loss in November.

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