Saturday, September 06, 2008

McCain Acts - Obama Wishes

Good example why McCain will be a better President than Obama.

"Now the world will watch and remember what we do here - what we do with this moment. Will we extend our hand to the people in the forgotten corners of this world who yearn for lives marked by dignity and opportunity; by security and justice? Will we lift the child in Bangladesh from poverty, shelter the refugee in Chad, and banish the scourge of AIDS in our time? " - Obama's Speech in Berlin

Wonderful words. Socially conscious words. However, they’re words. Obama offers only words. John McCain offers words, too, but he backs up those words with concrete action. He has already literally lifted a child in Bangladesh from poverty. I wrote about Bridget McCain a few weeks ago. Bridget McCain is the adopted daughter that the McCains lifted from poverty from Mother Teresa’s orphange in Bangladesh.

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