Wednesday, September 10, 2008

On Cue Obama Goes Negative - Change we can belive in!

It was a matter of time before Obama goes negative! It will back fire on him as the press and the Republicans point out his oratory about change and being a different kind of politician.

From the NYT:

For all the discussion about polls this week, perhaps the best barometer of the state of the campaign can be found by simply taking a listen to Mr. Obama as Election Day rushes up on him.

With just 57 days remaining in this long presidential race, Mr. Obama is going after Mr. McCain more aggressively than at any other point in the campaign, with a professorial tone giving way to one of prosecution. These days, he sounds more like those sharp-tongued commercials seen on television.

“Do you really believe John McCain is going to make a difference now?” Mr. Obama said, mentioning his rival’s name twice in the same breath, a pattern he repeated again and again. “John McCain doesn’t get it.”

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