Sunday, August 24, 2008

Why Middle America Will Swing Away from Obama

Hillary Clinton tapped into the discontent with Obama in the non urban parts of the big swing states.

If the Republicans can hammer away at Obama's elitist views and actions they can sway just enough voters toward McCain.

Here is a story from the NYTimes that hints at this.

But Mr. Obama does not sound like a sure bet.

“Obama’s very charismatic but if you listen closely, he hasn’t said a whole lot,” Mr. Sylvester said.

In Raccoon, Kelly Dobbins, a middle-aged factory worker, offered the same. “I’m like a duck in the water — I float there but underneath I’m paddling hard as I can go,” Mr. Dobbins said. “What’s pushing me toward McCain is Obama. Who is he? Where does he stand?”

Such questions hint at a cultural disconnect.

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