Thursday, August 28, 2008

Into Thin Air - Obamanuts Dazed in Denver

Democrats seem nervous and apprehensive in Denver! Yea baby.

Some excerpts from NYT:

I guess when you lose two elections in a row, people learn from that.” Blame nervous Democrats who are remembering their brash optimism in 2000 and 2004.

“The one thing that Democrats have learned is that if anyone can lose an election, it’s the Democrats,” said Kevin Bondelli, the owner of a design and consulting firm in Arizona. “In the last eight years, we’ve become a lot more respectful of the Republican political machine.”

Still, there was a distinctly subdued mood at parties like the “Red Hot Affair,” sponsored by the Congressional Black Caucus Institute. There, as almost everywhere, Democrats acted as if it was too soon to celebrate. “There’s still a lot of apprehension and maybe nervousness about what actually may happen on Election Day,” said Malcolm Grace, a former Democratic staff member in the House of Representatives; he now working as a lobbyist.

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