Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hillary Clinton Supporters Are Loyal

From NYDaily News

But Monday, Team Obama had to spend much of the time fighting for supporters in its own tent, battling back against reports that deep bitterness remains among Hillary Clinton's legions of backers.

A CNN poll Sunday found 27% of Clinton voters like McCain better than they do Obama. A Gallup/USA Today survey found only 47% of Clinton's backers were sure they would back Obama.

Durbin, along with longtime Obama confidant and adviser Valerie Jarrett, praised the New York senator's efforts to heal the divide, but they still sounded like they thought she had a big hand in creating it.

"Hillary Clinton was doggedly determined to see this through to the end," Durbin said, referring to the later days of the primaries when many observers thought Clinton should have dropped out to heal the party

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