Sunday, August 31, 2008

Republicans Are Going To Show That Women Matter!!!

Obama's blunder in ticking off women by not taking their charge of sexism will be used aganist him.

With the selection of Sarah Palin and the reminders that Hillary was passed over and not seriously considered will allow them to get that 20% of Hillary supporters to reconsider John McCain.

From the NYT:

Few people claim to understand the dynamics of the Clinton vote. In the most recent New York Times/CBS News poll, conducted Aug. 15-20, 22 percent of voters who said they had voted for Mrs. Clinton in the primaries say they now support Mr. McCain, while 61 percent back Mr. Obama. Among the women who voted for Mrs. Clinton, 17 percent say they support Mr. McCain, and 63 percent Mr. Obama. (The rest were undecided.)

“This says again, you can’t take these women for granted,” Ms. Walsh said. “There’s going to be a need to really reach out to them, to highlight the difference between John McCain and Barack Obama on the issues women care about.”

For all the emotion of the week, she said, the lesson is clear: “We matter.”

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