Thursday, August 28, 2008

Clinton Releases Delegates but does not tell them to vote for Obmama


If the Democrats as so united why all this at the convention? From Fox News

“As part of that tradition, I’m here today to release you as my delegates,” she continued, prompting shouts of “no!” from die-hard Clinton backers in the room.

But while Clinton said some of her delegates will choose to vote their hearts, or to vote for Senator Obama to demonstrate their commitment to party unity, she isn’t directing them to do either.

John McCain just needs a sliver of democrats and independents to vote for him to tip the scales.

I am sure the Republican National Committee is ramping up their media blitz to do this. Between Biden and the other Democrats talking trash about Obama they have ample material.

Also sometime in October the press is going to rehash all the other stuff written about Obama as the country gets serious about who they are going to vote.

It is actually nice that the press fell in love with Obama early. With a tight race they are going to dig hard to find the real Obama as competition for coverage heats up.

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