Friday, August 29, 2008

Palin's Choice Seems to Have Caught Team Obama off Guard

Looks like team Obama was caught off guard with the announcement of Sarah Palin as McCain's VP choice.

The fact that post convention coverage was almost null except and all the news has been about Palin is a reflection of the unpreparedness of team Obama.

You don't get the feel that they gamed this scenario! Which means they are retooling the post convention agenda. Which means the expected bounce for Obama will be muted.

Team McCain seems to have played the right hand again.

So the economy is not as bad, the war in Iraq is not a big issue as it was and now the Republican ticket has a high probability to peel off the sliver of independents and women voters for a McCain win.

Palin seems to have all the positives for right segments of the electorate for her to win.

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