Thursday, August 28, 2008

Great Strategic Move by Team McCain Aganist Team Obama

Give it up for Team McCain for taking a page from jujitsu, a martial art that employs the illusion of yielding to an attack to overcome it, and using Obama's celebrity status aganist him.

The celebrity attack was timed after the irreversible desision by team Obama to hold the acceptance speech at Invesco stadium. Now it looks like that decision is going to haunt Team Obama as they try to appeal to the blue collar swing voters.

I have blogged about the classic branding mistake that team Obama has made. That is you cannot position a brand from one segment to another when the vectors of differntation are orthogonal.

How do you fool people into beliving that you are for the common man when you have images of 80,000 liberal, self selected nuts fauing over you! YOU CAN'T.

John McCain's team is going to hit hard with these images and team Obama is to blame!!

Here are some excerpts regardign this from Politico:

Senior Democratic officials are expressing serious concerns about the political risks posed by Barack Obama's acceptance speech at Invesco Field at Mile High tonight.

From the elaborate stagecraft to the teeming crowd of 80,000 cheering partisans, from the vagaries of the weather to the unpredictable audience reaction, the optics surrounding the stadium event have heightened worries that the Obama campaign is engaging in a high-risk endeavor in an uncontrollable environment.

A common concern: that the stadium appearance plays against Obama's convention goal of lowering his star wattage and connecting with average Americans and gives Republicans a chance to drive home their message that the Democratic nominee is a narcissistic celebrity candidate

"We already know he is a rock star; we already know he can bring 85,000 people together in a stadium. He has done it multiple times. He needs to talk to people who haven't made up their minds yet," said Tennessee Gov. Phil Bredesen.

"It's likely that the campaign would do it differently if it had to do it again because the decision was made before the European trip," said a senior Democratic elected officeholder who has worked closely with the Obama campaign.

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