Friday, August 29, 2008

Obama's Diss Toward Clinton Will Cost Him

I love that the press wants to rain on the DNC's party by reporting all the rift between Hillary supporters and Obama.

This story about a meeting between the two will surely stoke the flames higher. I'll bet that more female democrats are going to vote for the Green Party than ever before!

Here is the excerpt from the Washington Post:

As Clinton prepares for her address to the Democratic convention Tuesday night, Obama's decision to pass her over remains central to the ongoing story of their strained relationship. It has also contributed to what associates say has been a difficult emotional period for the former first lady in the two months since ending her bid. One adviser described her as outright "depressed" in July, while another said she was "moving forward" and a third said she has simply been trying to get through November before making decisions about where next to take her life.

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