Thursday, August 28, 2008

Monied Clinton Supports Switch to McCain

It was inevitable that of the 18 million folks who bought into the message that Obama is unqualified, not ready to be President etc to vote with their feet and wallet and switch sides.

Here are a few of them and expect more to follow as momentum switches from Obama to McCain. Smart money knows that you need to back the winner regardless of what your emotion tells you.

From ABC News:

More than 85 of Clinton's fundraisers, including Donald Trump, Univision chief executive Joseph Uva, cable mogul Charles Dolan, philanthropist Norma Hess and one of Florida's biggest lobbyists appear to be skipping Barack Obama when it comes to writing checks for the general election, according to an review of campaign finance records. These Clinton donors have contributed at least $200,000 to McCain's campaign in the last few months, an amount which doesn't include larger contributions to the Republican joint fundraising committees.

But the defecting donors, along with a significant segment (20 percent) of Clinton fans who have expressed support for McCain in recent polls, could present a problem for Obama in the general election.

"That speech was amazing, but it's not going to change my mind," one Texas donor, who gave $2,300 to Clinton earlier this year and contributed $2,300 to McCain last month, told "I talk to plenty of people like me who just won't accept an unqualified president."

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