Monday, August 25, 2008

Obama Fans' Predictions for the Convention

From the Washington Post:

But given the obvious weakness he displayed in the primaries and because the economy now is the dominant issue in the minds of voters, there's a sense among strategists outside Obama's campaign that he needs to focus like a laser on the insecurities and anxieties of the working class and middle class.

Judging by the immediate reaction, Biden's addition will be a significant plus for Obama at the convention.

There were predictions that Obama would get a healthy bounce once he wrapped up the nomination in June. That didn't happen. There were similar predictions when he set out on his tour of the Middle East and Europe in July. Once again, the predictions proved faulty.

Obama's team sees opening up the acceptance speech to tens of thousands of ordinary people as a symbol of the grass-roots energy and volunteer spirit that helped power Obama to the nomination.

Many agree with Republicans about the need for Obama to use the week to fill out his personal story. "Obama is in a similar position to Bill Clinton in '92," Democratic strategist Tad Devine said in a message. "People need to get a handle on him. In the end, this election is about him. He needs to let people know as much about his values and priorities as he can in four days."

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