Friday, August 22, 2008

Obama has no interest in educating the young

In a previous post I commented that Obama has flip flopped on school vouchers. If he is elected then you can guarantee that he will go with the status quo and do nothing about giving parent the choice to pick their schools.

He will have the backing of the teachers union and other regulators who have no intention of trying new and innovative means to educate our young.

Vouchers help parents choose school that implement no brainer innovative methods. Most public schools change at a glacial pace because of the vested interests of the parties involved.

Schools free to innovate, free from unions, free from regulators succeed more often than not. That is because like other markets, the best solution rises to the top because those that demand the service or good are free to choose the best.

John Kao in his book Innovation Nation, goes into detail how our schools are not innovative. He gives ample examples of how different ideas are tried at private and charter schools.

Barak Obama has no interest giving parents the choice or voice in picking the best schools for their children

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