Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Only McCain Promises to Cut Spending & Cut Taxes

Cutting government spending and taxes gives individuals and businesses more resources to save and invest. You can only have a stable economy when businesses hire and invest. Government spending on healthcare will not grow our economy. Only stable jobs and right tax policies to help individuals get affordable healthcare will work in the long term.

From Juan Enriquez from an OpEd in the Boston Globe

A solution requires the country to begin to spend what it earns, reduce its mountainous debt, and address massive liabilities, restructure Social Security, pension deficits, military, and Medicare. No wonder politicians would rather spend more of your money now rather than address these problems. Because we have been spending 5 to 7 percent more each year than we earn, a forced restructuring, triggered by a currency collapse, would have the same effect on wages and purchasing power that the housing collapse had on housing prices. So let's learn from our Latin and Asian friends and act before it is too late.

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