Wednesday, October 01, 2008

McCain's Support of Free(er) Market Oriented Policies Is Right for The Current Credit Crisis

Markets work better than government. Government intervention on average does not help a financial crisis. It may provide short term relief but it is just delaying the inevitable.

From Minyanville:

"The view that the consumer is helpless and needs protection by a benevolent government is expressed [by the consumer advisory council]. The view, once widely accepted in this country that competition forces business to serve the public is not even given token nod...The Constitution of the United States was based in part on the belief that people needed protection, primarily from the government, and that free, competitive enterprise was the most efficient engine for promoting the public good.

“At one time, the intellectual climate of this country placed the burden of proof for the necessity of interference with the market process on those who would interfere. Interference was presumed to be an error unless an overwhelming case could be made for it. In the present intellectual climate, the reverse is probably true-actions by the government to regulate business are presumed to be beneficent and the burden of proof is on those who oppose."

James Lorie

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