Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Leave It To The Agent of Hope And Change to Instill Fear and Loathing

Only Obama, the Change We can Belive In, man to twist the current facts on the current economic crisis.

From Mona Charen:

The Democrats have nominated the most left-leaning presidential candidate in history. And they are now using this financial crisis as an opportunity to recast this election as Hoover against Roosevelt. Their narrative is simple and easy to understand (though false). Laissez-faire economics under Bush allowed capitalists to destroy the economy today just as they did during the Great Depression. The solution is to put Democrats in charge of all three branches. Republicans have responded that much of the blame for the current mess lies with Democrats who pushed for the Community Reinvestment Act, coddled Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and resisted vigorous oversight (by, for example, accusing anyone who questioned the subprime mortgages of racism). And by the way, Roosevelt didn't get us out of the Great Depression. World War II did.

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