Wednesday, October 01, 2008

McCain Palin Will Allow Markets to Innovate Out Of this Mess

McCain Palin will not pursue the big government, interventionist policies to revive the US economy and the credit markets.

They are more likely to let the market innovate because history has shown that markets and people innovate not governments.

McCain Palin's opponents promise big interventionist policies that history has shown won't have its intended effect and worse, cost the US taxpayers even more.

From WSJ:

Mr. Obama's "deregulation" trope may be good politics, but it's bad history and is dangerous if he really believes it. The U.S. is going to need a stable, innovative financial system after this panic ends, and we won't get that if Mr. Obama and his media chorus think the answer is to return to Depression-era rules amid global financial competition. Perhaps the Senator should ask the former President for a briefing

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