Saturday, October 11, 2008

Do We Really Want To Elect The First Victim-In-Chief?

The Obama campaign has been labeling McCain a bigot and accusing McCain of playing the race card.

Is that the sign of an agent of change and hope? It seems like a desperation measure.

From Kevin Ferris:

Department. Never mind those indictments and jail terms.

But by calling McCain a bigot, what signals is the Obama campaign sending about an Obama administration? If you're against his tax policies, it's because you think he has a funny name? Is opposition to his Iraq plan purely intolerance? If you think he's wrong on immigration, is that simply code for racism?

Does he really want to suggest that's how he would govern?

Racism and prejudice exist. But while attacking them with a broad partisan brush might score political points, it also worsens the fears and divisions among us. Often the accusations encompass so much - from individual attitudes to complex and difficult issues such as housing, education and health care - that no real solution is even possible.

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