Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Quotas at the Convention - That's The Democratic Party!

Few people realize this about the Democratic party convention and delegate selection process! What a bunch of hypocrites

From The Swamp:

This will probably surprise quite a few people who didn't realize that the way the Democratic Party ensures diversity at its conventions is to use something that looks very much like quotas.

The party's big-tent diversity goals reserve six of Washington's convention seats for blacks, 10 for Hispanics, and others for Asian, American-Indian, young, disabled, and gay, lesbian and transgendered Democrats. Any diversity seats that haven't been filled at the congressional-district meeting will be plugged at the state convention.

Getting back to racial and other "goals," California, for instance, has the following targets for race, ethnic and sexual orientation that can be found on page 21 of its 2008 delegate-selection plan: African Americans are 4.6 percent of the Democratic electorate in California--the goal for their representation in the delegation is 16 percent; Hispanics are 21.1 percent of that electorate and the goal for them in the delegation is 26 percent; Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered individuals are 11 percent of the Democratic electorate in California and the goal for them in the delegation is 12 percent.

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