Saturday, May 03, 2008

Dumb and Dumber - Obama & Team Obama

So Obama, a Harvard educated man, author, snarky politician is so smart that he has made some really dumb gaffes! Making public disparaging pronouncements about a key segment of the voting public has gotta be one of the most dumbest things he has done (among a litany of others).

Here is why that key segment he dissed is important in a general election from the AP:

'While less educated whites tend to vote less frequently than better educated voters, they are important because of their sheer number.

Exit polls show they have comprised three in 10 voters in Democratic contests so far, a group that cannot be ignored in a contest that has seen Obama maintain a slim lead. They made up 43 percent of all voters in the 2004 presidential contest, when they heavily favored President Bush over Democrat John Kerry.

Underlining his need to connect with these voters, Obama has geared some television ads in Indiana toward economic issues. In recent days he has turned to small events, rather than his trademark huge rallies, concentrating on the economy, including lunching with a blue-collar Indiana family while discussing their problems.

He has let cameras record him playing basketball in hopes of connecting with the passionate fans of the sport who populate Indiana and North Carolina.'

You only get one shot at this demographic. With today communication technologies and its penetration into these peoples lives, you can't make dumb mistakes!!

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