Thursday, April 10, 2008

Team Obama Making Sausage - Yes We Can!

You have gotta love team Obama's political sausage making!

Here is what they are up to in California from the San Jose Mercury News:

'Driven by fears that some prospective delegates might be concealing their true allegiances, campaigns have weeded out dubious candidates by searching campaign-finance data, scouring the Internet and making phone calls. Both sides want to guard against electing delegates who might actually support their rival—or even a fringe candidate.

Most of the cutting was done by the Illinois senator—about 900 potential Obama delegates were dropped by his campaign, with about 50 excluded on Clinton's side.

Roger Salazar, a Democratic operative running as a Clinton delegate, compared the behind-the-scenes screening to jury selection.

The campaigns "want to make sure the people who are running for delegate for their candidate are going to stay true to that candidate," Salazar said. "If they see somebody who is a supporter of the other side, they are going to knock them off" the candidate list for each congressional district.'

Yes We Can! What a joke.

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