Sunday, April 13, 2008

Republicans for Democrats Aganist Obama

Seems like there is some sort of concerted effort among the hard core Republicans to blunt the momentum of Obama in order to help Clinton.

A great strategy in my opinion. It goes like this. The opposition research digs up dirt against Obama and passes it on to the conservative news pushers. These guys amplify the dirt to a national level so that the public and the Clinton camp hears it.

The Clinton camp then takes this signal and uses the dirt for their own advantage, helping them and the Republicans. This create s wealth of information for the Republicans that can be used against Obama and Clinton.

If the dirt stops Obama that is great because Clinton is a flawed candidate and will NEVER win in the general election. If Obama wins the Democratic nomination, the Republicans can use the dirt, filtered by Clinton to change just enough swing voters to give John MaCain the slightest advantage.

If nothing major blows up with John McCain, it is going to be 2000 all over again.

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