Thursday, November 20, 2008

Why Was Sen Russ Feingold Sillent While His Pal Obama Spent $600 million on the election?

It is a shame that someone like Russ Feingold did not come out swinging against Obama for raising $600 million for his campaign and for breaking his pledge to take public money.

Clearly Sen Feingold has a double standard.

From the WSJ:

As they usually do when Democrats run through the loopholes, campaign reformers were uncharacteristically quiet while Mr. Obama raked in the dough. But with the election over, they've suddenly got their mojo back. Within days of November 4, seven "reform" outfits were demanding more disclosure requirements for bundlers and raising the amount of taxpayer funding that would have been available to Mr. Obama if, ahem, he hadn't chosen not to accept taxpayer funds.

Like writers at the Nation magazine who claim that socialism hasn't failed because it hasn't really been tried, the thinkers who gave us the post-Watergate campaign reforms and then McCain-Feingold continue to insist that "The way Washington works is not going to change until we fundamentally change the nation's campaign finance laws."

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