Monday, November 17, 2008

Some Think Obama Will Be Pragmatic and Move to the Center. Me thinks he stays to the left.

With more data pointing to a prolonged multi-year recession, lower government revenues, higher government debt ceiling and deficits, there is school of thought emerging that Obama will put his spending ambitions on hold and work with Congress to pump up the economy.

Last time the Democrats controlled the Senate, Congress and the White House was during the first two years of Bill Clinton. If history rhymes then in two years the Democrats are going to have diminishing numbers in Congress to counterbalance Obama's neo-socialist policies.

Obama therefore will doing everything he has to keep his promises so that the Democrats can run on somehting besides, 'Obama needs our help' theme.

That would be great for the Republicans because it will allow them to construct a coheisve theme to dump the Democrats and regain their majority.

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