Monday, November 17, 2008

Unions Begin Their Begging For Favors From Obama

From the Washington Post:

Labor unions at the Federal Aviation Administration are looking to President-elect Barack Obama for quick action to settle long-running contract conflicts at the agency.

The agency's two largest labor unions, the National Air Traffic Controllers Association and the Professional Aviation Safety Specialists, which represents technicians and safety inspectors, say their top priority is resolving the disputes.

"We want a contract," said Patrick Forrey, the controllers' union president. "We've gone two years without a contract."

Labor leaders say the unions will offer the new administration a "to-do list" involving presidential executive orders on assorted labor policy questions. One would reinstate a Clinton-era policy that required managers at federal agencies to work cooperatively with labor unions. The need, the leaders say, arises partly from labor's struggles with the Bush administration at agencies like the FAA. They spoke on condition of anonymity because discussions have not yet taken place.

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