Thursday, July 10, 2008

Barak And His Bundlers

Yet another example of change fools can believe in!

From the Kansas City Star:

“Obama was saying he was the most transparent, but it wasn’t even on par with Bush and Cheney.” -- Alexander Cohen, senior researcher at Public Citizen.

Barack Obama has long been among the most outspoken critics of the influence of money in politics.

Yet records show that in his presidential campaign, he has not lived up to his promise to fully disclose the identities of his top money-collectors who bundle millions of dollars in campaign contributions.

Since November, Obama had added just two new names to a list of more than 326 fundraisers who have bundled contributions of $50,000 or more for him, despite the campaign’s taking in more than $180 million during that time.

After receiving an inquiry from The New York Times, the campaign scrambled Thursday evening to update its list of bundlers, adding 185 names to it — a more than 50 percent jump — and increasing the amounts some were credited with raising.

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