Monday, June 16, 2008

Why Obama WILL Flip Flop on Trade

During the primary Obama was anti trade, standing shoulder to shoulder with Clinton

Here is an analysis by Roger Lowenstein in the NYT as to why Obama WILL flip flop to a free trader! Again Obama is classic panderer, cloaking himself in the message of change!

John McCain, an avid free trader, would surely try to reignite the Doha session. The more interesting question is what the Democrats would do. Obama may soften his populism in the fall, given that protectionists of late have not been winners in national elections. What’s more, if he were to win, he would have a difficult time governing as a protectionist. “There are two forces that will tend to move Obama to centrist positions,” Hufbauer says. Thanks to the cheap dollar, U.S. exports are booming; trade is now the economy’s strong suit. And Obama will find that China is less likely to cooperate on global warming, and the French less likely to lend a hand in Iraq, if our markets are closed to their products. Protectionism does not go down with a multilateral foreign policy.

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