Thursday, June 19, 2008

Obama's Will Be Left of Center

Team Obama is looking to position the brand toward the center to gain some of the 'Regan Democrats' and Independents.

But his liberal record will speak in volume.

From RealClear Politics:

For a candidate running as a centrist reformer, this is pretty weak tea. Ethics reform and nuclear proliferation are important issues but they have hardly put Obama in the liberal doghouse. When I recently asked two U.S. senators who are personally favorable to Obama to name a legislative issue where Obama has vocally bucked his own party, neither could cite a single instance.

Perhaps Obama is just conventionally liberal. Perhaps he has carefully avoided offending Democratic constituencies. Whatever the reason, his lack of a strong, centrist ideological identity raises a concern about his governing approach. Obama has no moderate policy agenda that might tame or modify the extremes of his own party in power. Will every Cabinet department simply be handed over to the most extreme Democratic interest groups? Will Obama provide any centrist check on congressional liberal overreach?

It is an odd thing when a presidential candidate bases his campaign on a manifest weakness.

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