Thursday, January 24, 2008

On Cue Race Rears Its Ugly Head

In several of my posts I spoke about how race will matter in the democratic primary race and how the Obama camp has been skillfully exploiting it. Sure enough the Clintons are complaining about it. Here are some excerpts from a NY Times piece on Jan 24, 2008 Bill Clinton Accuses Obama Camp of Stirring Race Issue

'Former President Bill Clinton defended himself Wednesday against accusations that he and his wife had injected the issue of race into the Democratic presidential primary in South Carolina, and he accused Senator Barack Obama of Illinois of putting out a “hit job” on him.'

'Scolding a reporter, Mr. Clinton said the Obama campaign was “feeding” the news media to keep issues of race alive, obscuring positive coverage of the presidential campaign here of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York.

“They know this is what you want to cover,” Mr. Clinton told a CNN reporter in Charleston, in an apparent reference to the Obama campaign.

“Shame on you,” the former president added. '

'Mr. Clinton also suggested in public remarks that his wife might lose here because of race. Referring to her and Mr. Obama, he said, “They are getting votes, to be sure, because of their race or gender, and that’s why people tell me that Hillary doesn’t have a chance to win here.” '

'Mr. Clinton said no one in the audience in Charleston had asked him about how race was being used in the campaign. “They are feeding you this because they know this is what you want to cover,” he said. “What you care about is this. And the Obama people know that. So they just spin you up on this and you happily go along.” '

Let's see how low they can go during and after Super Tuesday, Feb 5th.

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