Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hillary Clinton Should Win the Democratic Nomination

The SC pre-primary events really showed the true colors of the Clintons. It is the kind of politics that drove the dislike of the Clintons my most Americans when they were in the White House (Bill Clinton never won more than 50% of the popular vote in both elections).

But that is the type of dislike that will bring out the Republicans in droves. Think about what happened in 2004, George Bush & his campaign was able to bring out a record turn out of republicans given that the the democrats and their backers put in way more effort to bring out their side (in fact they also had a record turn out).

The sewage politics of the Clintons will also win primaries. They have the right connections, 'persuasive muscle' (think goons) and the opposition research led by that icky, Harold Ickes.

Here is a excerpt from Joe Kline at Time-Blog:

'It may well be true that any Democrat is going to have to handle that sort of sewage in the general election, but I've now--belatedly!--figured out that the real audacity in Barack Obama's campaign--far more than his positions on the issues, which almost seem an afterthought--is his outrageous belief that the entire country, not just Democrats, wants to see a straight up election; that the entire country is tired of the pestilence of tactical tricks that the Clintons learned from their co-dynasts, the Bushes. (The latest example being their sudden, sociopathic emphasis on the importance of the Florida primary, a contest all three candidates had agreed to eschew at the behest of the Democatic National Committee.)

It is a hell of a bet Obama has made. And nearly 40 years of political, uhm, experience tells me that it isn't a very wise one...but I must also say that it is truly sad to see Bill and Hillary Clinton on the wrong side of it.'

So Hillary will be a worthy opponent because she will bring out all the Republicans, the independents that did not like her and her husband and might force some previous supporters to stay home.

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