Thursday, November 18, 2010

Focus on Pro Growth Policies

[Democrats and Republicans must meet in the middle to implement policies to deal with debt overhangs and structural rigidities. The economy needs political courage that transcends expediency in favor of long-term solutions on issues including housing reform, medium-term budget rules, pro-growth tax reforms, investments in physical and technological infrastructure, job retraining, greater support for education and scientific research, and better nets to protect the most vulnerable segments of society.]

If most of the jobs are not coming back, we need massive retraining leveraging the community college system and open learning systems, especially online delivery methods.

We need to raise the bar on math and science education starting from pre-K. Students should be spending 4hrs a day on math at least through 8 grade. Federal gov should mandate this, similar to the no child left behind mandate. Most school districts can implement this by asking teachers to use existing online curriculum, cutting back on areas such as social studies, increasing school time, supplementing face time with computer time, asking for the community for additional volunteers for k-5.

Within 10 yrs we can lay a decent foundation for the next generation.

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Sharon Mullins said...

Noel -
I just watched "Waiting for 'Superman'" and it is must viewing. Please get the word out!
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