Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Primary Care Physicans -The Bottleneck for Obamacare

Obama's plan does not say anything about increasing the capacity (defined as the maximum sustainable patient throughput over an extended period of time) to handle the additional influx of patients into the US health care system while maintaining the current quality of care or increasing the quality of care.

From Fierce Health Care.

'If the primary-care physician shortage hasn't absolutely exploded, it seems we have your friendly immigrant doctor to thank. After all, unless something changes dramatically in the way U.S. healthcare in structured, we're not likely to see a change in the rate of new primary-care doctors coming into the profession, experts say.

As many FierceHealthcare readers already know, many U.S.-based medical students are shying away from primary care, largely because primary-care physicians make far less than specialists. As a result, many institutions are hiring foreign-trained residency graduates; in fact, more than half of all primary-care residency graduates are immigrants.'

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