Saturday, January 03, 2009

Obama Waltzes To The White Hosue On a Carpet of Green (Millions!)

From Bloomberg:

Fundraisers who helped Barack Obama amass a record $746 million for his presidential campaign are among those who have funneled more than $21.4 million to his inauguration committee, roughly half of the donation goal.

Those who brought in $300,000 to pay for inauguration- related costs include Chicago businesswoman Penny Pritzker, who headed Obama’s campaign finance committee. Two others were John Rogers, chairman of Ariel Investments LLC in Chicago, and Julius Genachowski, the managing director of Rock Creek Ventures, an investment firm in Washington. Genachowski is in contention to head the Federal Communications Commission in the new administration.

The inaugural committee’s Web site shows that 23 of the 47 people who raised more than $500,000 for Obama’s White House race are among 157 supporters who have collected large amounts of money to be spent on festivities connected to the swearing-in Jan. 20.

Yes they still can! I find it funny that they have placed limits as to who the bribes, uh, donations come from! As if making these arbitrary restrictions makes it palatable! Gobama! Go!

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